America Interpretation offers conference interpreting, translation, and language solutions. We have built since 2000 a strong expertise thanks to our satisfied customers.


America Interpretation was created in 2000 by Andrée Lanoix. By launching her own firm, the increasing number of clients asking for simultaneous interpretation could finally find reliable and experienced interpreters for their events. America listens to your requests and sets up the best team of interpreters for your event, whether it is a training, a conference, a diplomatic event, or other. Throughout the years, America has been able to count on recurrent clients thanks to quality services delivered by certified professionals.

The World Within Your Reach

America Interpretation assigns, organizes and coordinates the most skilled interpreters to meet the requirements of the different events according to the language, industry, and context. These professional interpreters arrive before the event and translate during the event. America also offers written translation and other language-related services, as they have always been part of the array of services that clients can count on.



Our goal is to provide the best language services in the industry to our partners in the private and public sectors, whether it is simultaneous translation, written translation, revision, or video services.

Simultaneous translation

On-site interpreting during presentations, trainings, and a wide-range of events, delivered by interpreters either in a soundproof booth, or through a portable audio system for smaller events.

Consecutive interpreting

Translation where a speaker pauses at intervals so that the interpreter translates what has been said into the target language.

Telephone and Webinar Interpreting

Translation during an event, where remote participants can enjoy live audio translation.

Translation and revision

Written translation and revision of documents, which can be delivered and certified by qualified translators.

Subtitles and Dubbing

Videos can be transcribed, and the written segments can be added to the video or dubbed as voice-over.

Consulting services

Support in organizing multilanguage events.


Here are a few partners we have been working with over the years.


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