America Interpretation - What is interpreting and how can it meet your needs?

Interpreting, or simultaneous translation, is the live translation made available to the participants of an event who wish to listen and react despite the language barrier, by hearing and interacting in their language of choice. The interpreter, alone or as part of a team, translates most of the time in a soundproof booth, while his translation is streamed to audio receivers. Interpreting takes different forms and shapes, some better suited than others to the specific context. Events requiring interpreting can range from thousands of people tuning in on audio receivers to a board meeting or a visit with only a handful of people, and where the interpreter can simply interact without any devices. America Interpretation has a long experience in the field and can help you choose the best way to enjoy a multi-language event.

Our interpreters

Simultaneous translation is designed to allow any participant to attend an event and interact in his or her own language. These participants are then more comfortable to interact during the event, and come back from it with a much better comprehension.

Our services are discreet. It requires at the most a headset plugged into an audio receiver, in order to receive the voice of the translator, which can be adjusted at the desired volume. The speaker taking the floor simply has to speak in the microphone, as they would otherwise, and the message gets translated and finds its way in the participants’ ears. For a small meeting or a visit, the interpreter can simply translate segments while the speaker pauses, without needing any equipment, or the interpreter can use a small device and whisper or speak into the headset simultaneously. The interpreters can adapt to take into account the different demands of the events.

The professional interpreters from America Interpretation combine skill and experience in a wide range of topics. Trade, research, health care, politics; these are fields in which our interpreters are used to explore, and you can expect reliability and quality from them. We are confident that you will also appreciate their service because they are either well experienced in the field or have qualifications from the federal government, the OTTIAQ, ATIO, or the AIIC, which ensure standards of quality for the industry.

Interpreting demands a good level of social, culture, and political awareness. Our interpreters are well acquainted to modern topics and cultural nuances. They respect confidentiality, and only work in languages in which they are fully competent.

They allocate time to prepare adequately and to ensure the best multilingual service. They come in with a thorough vocabulary preparation and have perused the documents you may have made available. All of this ensures your event is a success, regardless of the language.

  • • International and regional conferences
  • • Business meetings
  • • Delegations and visits
  • • Phone conferencing
  • • Videoconferencing
  • • Webinars, web streams, voice-over
  • • Scientific, business, political symposiums