America Interpretation - What is consecutive interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting represents a form of interpreting done by alternating between the speaker and the translator. The speaker pauses periodically to let the translator deliver the segment in the target language. The interpreter may be noting down pieces of information to ensure the message is complete. This style of interpreting is well suited for visits, delegations, phones calls or public events.

The interpreter

The professional interpreter memorizes and notes down, if needed, through a specific note-taking method. Notes and memory make for a crucial part of an interpreter’s performance in delivering an accurate translation of the message. Notes help jog the interpreter’s memory, especially if the previous message is long or detailed. These notes differ from a stenographer’s because the purpose of the note-taking is to serve the immediate translation and is only for the interpreter’s use.

In doing so, the interpreter is sure the message is faithfully rendered, and is as accurate as the original. Moreover, the person speaking does not have to worry about having to pause at very short intervals, and can fully convey an idea or a message. America Interpretation offers the services of interpreters able to adjust themselves according to the speaker. Flexibility is the key to a good consecutive interpretation, and interpreters working with America Interpretation offer you just that, and more. You can rest assured that the services you will receive are professional, and respect your confidentiality by safely disposing of their notes after the event.

Consecutive interpreting is a flexible method that can adapt to a several contexts. It is well-suited to smaller groups or face to face meetings. No or very little equipment is required, which usually makes it slightly cheaper than simultaneous interpreting done in a booth. It is worth noting that due to its nature, time needs to be allowed for the interpreter to translate. If time is an important factor, simultaneous translation offers the possibility of interpreting as speakers go, without having to stop. If you are not sure about what choice is right for you, America Interpretation will gladly assist you through the different service offers.

The America Advantage

America Interpretation has among some of the best and most professional interpreters. They are competent and abide by professional standards of quality (OTTIAQ, ATIO, AIIC). They work in sectors where accuracy and client satisfaction are crucial and basic expectations, whether it is in the legal, scientific, medical, political, or business sector. We are well-acquainted to interpreting in different contexts; small meetings, tours, visits, cross-examination, medical appointment or else. Our clients come back because of the valuable services our interpreters deliver.