Telephone and Webinar Interpreting

America Interpretation - What are interpération telephone services and webinar?

America Interpretation offers telephone conference interpreting as well and webinar interpreting. During these events, some participants may not be able to grasp the content fully because they may not be fluent in the language used. Our interpreters join the meeting and translate in real time what is being said, on a separate channel.

Telephone interpreting

Our services include a broad range of remote solutions, from a one on one phone call to somebody speaking a different language, and video and telephone conferencing events. We connect to the call seamlessly and we can help you set up a call between parties. This ensures you a reliable and efficient way to reach your audience, with the help of America Interpretation’s professional interpreting services.

America Interpretation addresses the need for multilingual services and takes great care in offering the best solutions. You can then focus on your event and converse with your colleagues stress free.


A webinar (a web seminar), is a presentation streamed on the internet that can take several forms; presentation, workshop, seminar, or conference, and is hosted on a software platform, with audio and video capabilities. This way of organising a meeting is gaining momentum thanks to the many advantages it offers, namely the possibility of reaching a large audience instantly. Many Web features also add to the presentations, making them more dynamic and interactive.

Organizing a webinar with participants from different language background can be tricky. America Interpretation helps you hold an event simultaneously, where gathered participants can switch to their desired language live.

Whether internet or telephone based, our interpreters know how to work the mechanics of these events and make yours a success. We have among the best interpreters ready for you, contrary to certain companies employing interpreters with little or no experience. Our seasoned and certified interpreters are at your entire disposal during your event and make it a priority to prepare beforehand.