America Interpretation - What interpretation that America can bring you in the translation and revision ?

America Interpretation offers the translation of documents of varied nature and format. These documents may be certified by our certified translators, members of OTTIAQ. Our translated texts read like originals, and are idiomatic. This is what we should come to expect from a translation, to be fluid and devoid of any mistakes. America Interpretation partners with translation of different language combinations if you are looking for less frequent language pairs. The final product is true to the original and of quality thanks to revision. That sort of attention to details is no less than deserved for the different documents, presentations, or scientific articles our clients send us.

Scientific Translation

Our experience and expertise can benefit a wide range of topics, general or specialized.

The science and technology fields revolve around efficient communications, through conference presentations, keynotes, articles and posters. Written translation in this situation requires thoroughness and attention to detail. America Interpretation meets those requirements and can, moreover, identify the translator(s) that suit your specific needs in your specialized field.

Efficient communications is the cornerstone to a successful business. We can help you overcome language barriers.

Financial and Economics Translation

We cover every inch of the economic and financial sectors, from investment reports to communications on securities. Our translators abide by the OTTIAQ standards and follow strict confidentiality requirements to ensure your documents stay safe and confidential.

This industry is regulated by complex mechanisms and processes which demand seasoned translators. Our translators know the ropes of this industry where banks and insurance companies gravitate.


Revision represents a grammatical safety net. It provides feedback on documents and texts where errors, omissions, or inaccuracies would otherwise have been published, in order to amend them prior to their release. The document, reviewed thoroughly, can then be used with the certainty that no glaring mistake will overshadow its purpose. Thanks to our network of partners, revision is made available in different languages, upon request. A mistake can be costly. Do not roll the dice on your important documents and contact us.