America Interpretation - When may apply subtitling and dubbing ?

Two ways for your videos to reach a new audience

If you have in your possession a video you wish to make available to a large number of people, chances are some of them may be more comfortable in hearing or reading it in another language. Whether it is to reach a new audience or to make sure the message is well understood, subtitles and dubbing both achieve this goal.

Subtitling, as it is known, enhances a video by transcribing at the bottom the translated or same-language speech. America Interpretation subtitles your videos in the language of your choice, and in doing so, increases their potential reach, as well as the comprehension that non-native speakers gain by watching it. The process of subtitling starts by transcribing the video clip in a text file. The text is then synchronized with the real-time sound file. What you receive is then a video file comprised with subtitles paired to the original soundtrack, so that anybody can watch the video and follow either by listening to the original voice or by reading the subtitles in the desired language.

Another option at your disposal is to simply a voice-over on the original video file. Dubbing, or voice-over, replaces the original audio segment by a new audio segment of another language. This is a great opportunity for your conference, seminar, workshop or keynote to be made available to a larger audience, some of which may not be comfortable in the original language. Our translated audio file replaces seamlessly the original voice.

Our subtitles and dubbing services can complement short documentaries, company presentations, internal videos, educational material, and more. All you need to do is to send us your video file in order to receive a quote with a timeline.